American Owned

American flag

StarPoint Protective Services is proud to be an American-owned company which understands the importance of homeland defense.

USA-owned security companies have grown scarcer over the past decade, as most regional and national American security services now operate under large, foreign-owned conglomerates. This management style results in detached and impersonal services for customers.

Our security and auditing services are based on the values that have made this country so great.

Foundation and Focus

We formed StarPoint Protective Services when we noticed a void in the security sector and wanted to bring a new standard to industrial security. We are dedicated to the people and businesses we serve, and we always put our customers’ needs first and the bottom line second.

We are Proud to be Privately-Held

Being a privately held business means that StarPoint Protective’s decisions are based on the best interests of our workers and clients, not on Wall Street. Our business model was created based on today’s customer and employee needs, not tomorrow’s stock price or end of quarter earnings assessment.