Aviation Services

StarPoint Protective Services brings unparalleled expertise in contract and aviation security services. Airport security requires an understanding of Homeland Security protocols, as well as observation and surveillance skills. Our airport security personnel monitor both sterile areas and cargo facilities. Critical to meeting these tasks is StarPoint’s employing of the most skilled and trained personnel to aid in the prevention of potential acts of terrorism, theft, fire and other risks.


Specific Services

StarPoint Protective provides a wide range of Aviation Services in full compliance of Port Authority rules and regulations.

  • Vehicle Escort and AOA Foot Escort Services
  • Fire Watch Patrol Services
  • Security Officer and Supervisory Services
  • Catering Security Surveillance
  • Airport Access/Egress Control
  • Fixed Post Staffing
  • Ramp Security
  • Monitor Sterile Area Access for Unauthorized Personnel

Accountability and Responsiveness

Quality and adaptability are ensured through a 24-hour, 7-day field supervisory Team utilizing written, telephonic and electronic monitoring of daily activities and events. Monthly service reports, unannounced site inspections and management internal audits hold StarPoint accountable at all levels.

StarPoint’s management team consists of career professionals with extensive backgrounds in contract and aviation security management, law enforcement and corporate security specializing in providing well-trained and qualified uniformed personnel.